“We Expect To Be Playing Games In October”

February 13th, 2017
Bold talk on Day 1

Bold talk on Day 1

For the wise guys out there confused by the Kevin Cash quote in the headline, allow Joe to clarify; the Rays have just one game on the regular-season schedule October.

Therefore, Cash is talking playoffs. The Rays skipper talked to the media today, the opening day of spring training.

Players are getting physicals and arriving, and Cash was boldly going to the postseason card.

It’s the season of optimism, and the Rays are really pushing it from Stu Sternberg on down. Everyone, including Cash today, is talking like last year was a total aberration. The mindset is that historic injuries and bad luck kept the Rays from a winning record  last year and the laws of nature say that can’t happen again.

Hey, why not? It’s fun to consider.

And the Rays certainly have some talented pieces, though the typical Rays bullpen miracle feels highly unlikely this year.

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  1. DayOnePaul Says:

    This group could make some noise had Sternberg approved a couple million more for Joe Maddon. This guy Cash shows me nothing except that he works cheap.


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