Tim Beckham, Outfielder?

February 22nd, 2017

BeckhamThe nonsense and fantasy-time stuff with Tim Beckham really has to end.

The disappointing No. 1 overall draft pick entered the Rays organization as a stud infielder in 2008. And now he might be a potential outfielder, per RaysBaseball.com, prepared for a work there this spring?

Give Joe a break.

You can read all about it here. Beckham thinks the transition will be routine for him. Yeah, like he’s the next Ben Zobrist.

Joe isn’t buying any of this. If the Rays thought Beckham was a potential outfielder, he’d have worked there long ago. He’s still a lousy hitter and a serious underachiver — who now happens to be 27 years old.

He’s only hanging around because he’s inexpensive. If the Rays can possibly get something for Beckham, they should make a deal.

One Response to “Tim Beckham, Outfielder?”

  1. Bob Says:

    He was league average hitter overall per the sabermetrics geeks, and above average for a right handed hitter with limited at bats. He has had mental errors both in the field and on the basepaths, which is bad, but has natural athletisism that with steadier at bats could become a good major league hitter. I can see why the Rays have not given up on him.

    I wish someone can explain to me why people say L Forsythe was a good fielder. Had limited range, terrible at turning double plays (even with the new rules), could not charge a softly hit grounder and make plays to first, basically not slick at the quick catch and release required of the position. He also was a poor base runner, making as many poor base running blunders as Beckham. His mediocre bat will be missed possibly, and he was a good clubhouse guy, but geez people, he wasn’t close to being an all star. Imo, we are better off without him at second, especially on defense.


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