New Turf Will Be Kindler, Gentler

February 8th, 2017

KiermeierCarl Crawford’s knees are jealous.

Kevin Kiermaier is wondering why it didn’t happen sooner.

The Rays are installing all new turf at the FruitDome.

Marc Topkin of delivered the key info, explaining why it will help preserve Rays players. There will be a “hard foam pad between the concrete base and the turf,” Topkin wrote, explaining the body-friendly upgrade.

The price tag, per Topkin, is just over $1 million.

Joe’s not knocking the Rays here. Turf companies are always trying to upgrade quality and performance, and it’s unrealistic to think a team would install new turf annually.

And even it did, there’s no guarantee the new model would be better in all ways.

If nothing else, this could give Kiermaier a confidence boost, if he was wary of more injuries from diving at home.


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