“Brad Boxberger Is Probably The Key”

February 4th, 2017
Kevin Cash talks Brad Boxberger

Kevin Cash talks Brad Boxberger

Kevin Cash talked bullpen today.

His words are likely to leave Rays fans looking for Rolaids.

“Brad Boxberger is probably the key,” Cash said. “We all know what he’s capable of. We’ve got to, you know, he had kind of a lost year with injuries. Let’s keep him healthy because we know he’s talented, and add that with [Alex] Colome at the back end. That’s a pretty good 1-2 punch. Then you have Xavier Cedeno who is coming off his second really good season for us. We added Shawn Tolleson, who has some history saving/closing out games. So we’re excited. We need to perform better in the middle innings of our bullpen.”

The young righty Tolleson is quite a wild card after 46 saves with the Rangers over the past two seasons.

It’s odd that Texas got rid of him, but he did take a leave of absence from the team to be with his ailing father. Perhaps that was a factor, spoken or unspoken.

As for Cash saying the Rays need more from their middle-innings pitchers. Well, Joe and Rays fans know what the Rays really need is more from their starters.

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  1. Bob Says:

    The starters should be better with better defense around them. You could see the dissapointed body language the starters showed early last year when should be outs were misplayed into base hits. If we catch the ball, they should throw more strikes to induce contact rather than go for strike outs. If the do this, they should last longer into games and save our bullpen from the extra wear and tear they had last year. I like to additions of outfielders that can run and catch. If Souza doesn’t suck again, they could have a good year. Speaking of Souza, he thought he had a good year. Hopefully the bar is not that low for him, as we need alot more from him this year to contend, imo


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