Shoddy Defense Payback

August 25th, 2016
Lockdown before Sox meltdown

Lockdown before Sox meltdown

Joe nearly broke his TV when Kevin Kiermaier and Evan Longoria took called third strikes in the bottom of the ninth last night with the game tied and a runner on second base.

Thankfully, no damage to the Rays — or the TV set — was done. A bumbling Red Sox infield blunder in the 11th won it for the Rays, 4-3.

It was poetic payback for the hot garbage Steven Souza unleashed from right field on Tuesday night in the 2-1 loss to Boston. Souza — defense or offense — just doesn’t feel like a guy who would be playing for a winning team.

Joe was especially encouraged by the lockdown, three-strikeout 11th tossed by Brad Boxberger last night. The inevitable offseason bullpen makeover gets a lot less stressful with a sound Boxberger returning to complement Alex Colome.

Joe also would ensure Erasmo Ramirez comes back. His midseason burnout might be on Kevin Cash, and Ramirez certainly has stabilized this month.

3 Responses to “Shoddy Defense Payback”

  1. Darth Ray-der Says:

    As I mentioned before, looking at next year, the starting pitching (finally) and the infield looks set. Hopefully Kiermier’s hip issue won’t bleed into next year. In the off season, the team must address the pen, both corner outfield spots, and catcher (again). Speaking of catching, did you know that the Rays have a total of 4 in the minors that are all 1st round draft picks ? No wonder the head of prospect scouting got canned last year. We continually have to trade for players (other than pitching) because our drafting has been abhorent for the last 10 years. Our list of 1st round draft picks would make you cry like a little girl !

  2. FortMyersDave Says:

    Good points from Darth! I have to add that every time I see Souza take a bad K or screw up in the OF it makes me think that Matt S could have simply kept Trea Turner and Joe Ross instead of flipping them for Souza and that Ott kid who is light years from the majors! Turner looks like the real deal and Ross looks to be someone the Rays could have put in the back of the rotation and could have either flipped in a trade or allowed the Rays to move another starter this July in order to find some talent that they obviously can not draft as Darth pointed out above! I know that we fans can not expect every trade to work out but this one involving Myers and Souza looks pretty pathetic right now!

  3. TOM Says:

    The Dickerson & Morrison trade this year is nothing to write home about. Or the Conger signing. On the flip side Miller and Duffy should work out ok. Especially moving Miller to first base.


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