Is Corey Dickerson Getting Used To The American League, Or Is He Just Bad?

August 28th, 2016

DickersonJoe doesn’t envy the Rays’ braintrust.

While it was an easy call to launch Desmond Jennings and send Steve Geltz packing for Triple-A, there are tougher decisions on the horizon.

Corey Dickerson is among them. It would have been easy to write off Dickerson a month ago, but he’s battled back to the borderline of respectability.

In a novelty leadoff role this afternoon, Dickerson belted a double and his 18th homer of the year to drive in three runs and bump his average to .235. Dickerson has looked like a baseball player the past two weeks.

It’s easy to wonder whether Dickerson is coming around after being a National League guy — a Colorado guy — until this season with Tampa Bay. The final five weeks likely answers the question. Or it will prompt more questions?

Dickerson was humble talking to Fox Sports after the game, essentially saying he’s just grinding out a full baseball season and appreciates the support of his teammates.

Again, Dickerson is just one the Rays’ tough calls. Anyone notice Brad Miller hitting a major skid?

One Response to “Is Corey Dickerson Getting Used To The American League, Or Is He Just Bad?”

  1. FortMyersDave Says:

    Considering the number of chances the rays have given guys like Timmy Beckham I think the Rays will give Dickerson this season and next spring training to make a case for himself. A guy who I had written off has quietly put together a decent season as a part time player as well: Nick Franklin. Of course if his playing time expanded toward that of an everyday player, well I suspect his #s would drop off. However back to Dickerson: look the rays gave Jennings ample time to prove he is a bad AAAA ball player and have given Timmy Beckham so many chances as well. Considering that the rays gave up a decent but erratic Jake McGee for him I suspect they’ll give him a bit more rope before they cut him loose!


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