Biggest Save Of The Year

August 15th, 2016

OdorizziAfter too many beers and Valium this season, Joe is searching for silver linings, and Jake Odorizzi definitely makes the top-3.

This guy was pure garbage in the first half of the season.

Joe would have been happy to see Odorizzi traded at the deadline. It felt like he had turned into Andy Sonnanstine. But the Rays stood their ground, and Joe has to believe a lot of that was Jim Hickey’s belief in the young man.

Somehow, Odorizzi got his command back, cut way down on his walks, and he’s a good (not great) pitcher again, a legitimate No. 3 starter or a great No. 4. Over his last seven starts, Odorizzi has a 2.30 ERA with just eight walks

In what has to be one of the great Houdini acts of all time, Odorizzi, after beating the Yankees yesterday, upped is record to 7-5 for this garbage Rays team.

Score one for Matt Silverman. Keeping the faith on Odorizzi, with other teams knocking, feels like the right call.

2 Responses to “Biggest Save Of The Year”

  1. FortMyersDave Says:

    Right now he is the only thing the Rays really have to show for that James Shields trade along with Souza that the Rays got for Wil Myers. The kid is a solid #3 starter and I would not be surprised if he or one of the other starters get moved in another attempt by the rays to bolster their anemic offense!

  2. Darth Ray-der Says:

    Question – Who have we played that’s worth a fig newton since the All Star break ? Let’s see how Odo does when we get back playing the American League East again. Boston is crushing the ball lately. Petroia (the pimple) was 5 for 6 yesterday. Ortiz must be taking the funny stuff that starts with a “S” with his cereal in the morning. Just saying.


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