Angry Miller, Happy Fans

August 6th, 2016


You show’em, Brad Miller.

You’ll remember Miller played the part of a jilted lover after he was told he eventually would be moved from his familiar shortstop role following the Rays’ acquisition of Matt Duffy on Monday.

Thursday, Miller reminded his bosses that his bat is going nowhere. Miller launched a go-ahead three-run home run in the eighth inning, lifting the Rays to a 3-2 victory over the Royals that served as outright thievery. Last night, it was Miller time again, belting his stunning 20th homer of the year in a 6-2 pasting by the Twins at the Trop. (Hey, the Rays are only a half-game back of Minnesota!)

Joe has loved Miller’s blunt honesty since the trade. Too often, players push the company line and hide their true feelings. Not Miller.

Although Joe doesn’t think as highly of Miller’s shortstop skills as Miller does himself, his reactions to the news are entertaining.

Yesterday, Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times was there to capture more:

“They’re not doing me a favor by keeping me in the lineup,” Miller said. “I’ve earned it.”

Miller’s 20 bombs are second to everyone on the team except Evan Longoria.

Who saw that coming? Not Joe. Go figure.


Let’s hope PO’ed Miller makes more appearances in the weeks ahead. This guy can stick around awhile.

4 Responses to “Angry Miller, Happy Fans”

  1. Miguel Grande Says:

    Imagine if his bat had shown up in April?

  2. Darth Ray-der Says:

    Ah…I think it was the Rays got “Pasted” 6 to 2 by the Twins. As Hillary says “What difference does it make ?” We are a half game ahead of them for last place in the American League standings. Woo Hoo !

  3. FortMyersDave Says:

    Battle of the Basement! Ugh, the Rays have been playing better since the All Star break but Cash really destroyed the team’s mojo when he guided it on that 5 win and 25 or so loss run from June into July. I suspect if he avoids 100 losses that he will be back next year….. To me that long losing streak made cash look like Lovie Smith to me when he lost that game to the Skins after leading 24-0; how can you trust a coach or manager who is simply that incompetent. Both were dealt losing hands but both should have won more gamess than Lovie did or cash has, thus i think Cash has to go!

  4. Darth Ray-der Says:

    Ditto !


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