Silliness Claiming Kevin Cash Is “Safe”

July 7th, 2016


Serious Rays fans have heard Tampa Bay Times beat writer Marc Topkin claim multiple times that manager Kevin Cash is “safe” from the Grim Reaper.

It was misguided when Topkin reported it, and it still is today.

Stu Sternberg and friends are too smart to have incessant losing and shaky effort as part of their business plan. Throw in Cash earning absolute peanuts, less than $1 million per year, and please tell Joe exactly why one should believe the Rays are married to Cash if the mess continues.

Remember, this is the same Rays team that ate millions on James Loney’s contract after this year’s spring training. Loney is playing very solid ball for the Mets.

Fan faith, which equals revenue, is an important part of the equation for any franchise. There aren’t many Cash fans around these days. Statistically, it’s easy to blame the starting pitching for putting the Rays in the deep hole in which they reside. But the problems run a lot deeper.

Everybody paying attention knows it. Joe really can’t see Cash returning in 2017, unless he can scratch out at least 68 wins.

If he can’t, trading the manager in for an injection of hope would be well worth the Rays’ investment.

18 Responses to “Silliness Claiming Kevin Cash Is “Safe””

  1. Darth Ray-der Says:

    Ladies and germs – The 2016 season is officially toast. You are not going to make up 15 games behind the leader with 4 teams ahead of you. Every decision from here on out must have 2017 written all over it. Front office evaluation, trades, and the players in the minors are priority issues now. Not if we win a game or two in a season that’s been flushed down the commode.

  2. Darth Ray-der Says:

    Rays lose 5 – 1 today. Have lost 19 out of the last 22. It’s time to restock their minor league organization via the trade route. They are a little better with their trades than picking draft picks, which is abomitable. Friedman and Joe Madden saw this coming last year and bailed out of a sinking ship.

  3. Darth Ray-der Says:

    Is it true ? I thought I heard on the radio that Tim Beckham struck out 3 times today on a total of 10 pitches ! All nine strikes were swings and misses. Was that true ? Egad ! Cash-less gone over the break.

  4. Rays Down Says:

    Ozzie Guillen is available. He wants to manage again.

  5. FortMyersDave Says:

    Darth: found this little factoid on the “Fire Derek Shelton’ FB page:

    A bit more negativity, sure the team hasn’t hit on a pick in the first 20 rounds since pre-2008 (Tim Beckham is the most productive draftee in those rounds in that time frame). But the “haul” for Myers, Zobrist, Escobar Hellickson, Peralta, Liberatore, McGee, Price, Hanigan, and 3 minor leaguers has been…Stephen Souza Jr, Drew Smyly, Nick Franklin, 1 AAA player (D. Robertson .260 3 hr, 1 sb) 2 AA players (Bauers, Adames) 4 A ball guys (Velasquez, Williams, Harris, Padlo) that’s 8 major leaguers and 3 minor leaguers for 7 minor leaguers and 3 major leaguers. They aren’t giving anyone much to work with. Apologize- but Rays fans should be…Angry.

    So even the trades have been a bit below average for the past 5 or 6 seasons or so…. The last time the Rays really took advantage of someone was when they traded garza for Archer, Guyer, Sam Fuld, Robinson Chiros and Hak Ju-Lee. Thee days of fleecing teams ala Zamprano for Kazmir, Delvin Young for Garza, Huff for Zobrist, etc are long gone. This team has officially reverted back to where it was when Hedley LaMar was GM, Vince Naomoli the owner and HAL McRae manager who would starte out into space during any given loss looking like he took a strong regiment of mind altering agents…. I think HAL lost 106 or 107 games one season. This team could get close to that mark and 100 losses are probably a given unless they shake up the team and give Cash the hook!

  6. FortMyersDave Says:

    God almighty, 3Ks on 10 pitches???? And Beckham was the 1st overall pick in 2008! The Rays could have gotten Buster Posey or Eric Hosner with that pick! Heck even the other Beckham taken by the Chi Sox in that draft, Gordon, would have been a better choice for the rays. Why is timmy even on the roster? AAA him already and give someone else the opportunity to regress under Derek Shelton!

  7. richraysfan Says:

    several thoughts: Cash is the Rays version of Raheem Morris… cheap, inexperienced…Attendance will continue to decline, in rapid fashion with this bunch of losers…Attendance will continue to be a problem with the gestapo tactics of the ‘ushers’ who removed a fan all decked out in Rays gear because he dared to touch the tarp covered seats… I think it took 3 of them to deliver this ‘criminal’ to St Pete’s finest who looked rather sheepish about the whole ordeal…as long as fans are treated so poorly, the Rays will never attract crowds. One more…Sternberg has not cultivated the CEO’s of the region and cannot possibly expect strong business support

  8. FortMyersDave Says:

    Good points Rich, besides Tropicana (who probably signed a very long deal when they got on board at the Trop) none of the other large local businesses have really taken an interst in the Rays: Publix, Winn Dixie/Sweetbay (I think they WERE the supermarket of the rays when they were still Sweetbay)???? Publix is a sponsor of the Bucs but not the rays??? They could offer discounted tickets through their stores if you bought certain products, offer kids/senior/veteran packages, and simply have in store contests where ticket packages are prizes….. I see none of this with any of the local retailers. BTW what happened to the free vet tickets that were so popular last summer? Anyhow we few that post here at Joes are not the only ones fed up with this garbage at the Trop: Tom Jones put in his 2 cents earlier this evening over at the Times:

    Nonethelesss I have to say TBARF (Tough Being A Rays fan) or is it D’Ray again: it sure feels like the Chuck LaMar days all over again!

  9. FortMyersDave Says:

    Today the Rays lose again to a bad Angel club. Snell pitches well and probably run out of gas after 6. However cash puts in Garton who has a bad 8th inning and that was all she wrote. The reason Garton was probably used was that Cash used Matt Andriese in the previous game, mopping up Smyly’s mess; entering the game when it was 7-1… Perhaps if Cash used Garton to mop up yesterday, he could have used Andriese today… Who knows maybe the Rays could have rebounded from a 2-0 deficit, once it got to 4-0 everyone knew the game was an L. This is just another example of how Kevin Cash makes idiotic decision while being skipper; there are so many managerial mistakes: using Geltz in any close game, the above said Garton blowing a 7-2 lead, pulling Matt A out of games where he is command to watch another reliever lose said game…. Simply idiotic and granted the rays are bad but if Joe Maddon or Lou Pinella were helming the team it would be a lot closer to ****ing 0.500 right now. Stu needs to act during the All Star Break and shake things up via a firing or two, some demotions/call ups from AA/AAA and perhaps pull the trigger on a couple of trades…

  10. Buccfan37 Says:

    Yeah really, the writing was on the wall when Madden exited stage north.

  11. bob Says:

    Cash must go. When they do fire him, let him bring our worthless group of catchers with him. They can’t catch, hit, or throw. Now on top of that they don’t know what to do with a baseball. Being fooled by the slowest runner in league history on a double steal…..pathetic is a nice way to put this group of bad news bears. I feel bad for Longo, but for goodness sake, don’t trade him!!!!!

  12. Darth Ray-der Says:

    Good stuff Fort Myers Dave, The info. you dug was interesting. No wonder Madden & Friedman bailed. It’s pretty obvious for people in the know, to see what direction this franchise was going

  13. FortMyersDave Says:

    Yeah, the more you look at the Rays organization, the more you realize how dysfunctional it actually is. Cash is just the tip of the iceberg, basically Raheem Morris in a baseball jersey. I do think the team would be 41-45 or so if the Rays were skippered by someone with common sense but that would still only be good enough for last place. Right now I would say the only franchises in worse shape than the rays are the Dead Reds, The Twinkies and the Bravos. Of these 3 the only team which thought it could be competitive like the Rays is Minnesota who has the worst ERA for starting pitching in MLB, amazing that they can be worse than the Rays….. I wonder what Stu is actually planning? Is he planning to move the club thus letting it rot away so that no one in Tampa will complain? Is he content to make coin on the fat Sunsport TV package and the revenue sharing as he gets a nice cut of luxury taxes whenever Boston, NY or LA overspend. right now attendance is a joke, only the Indians draw less per game…… So all I can say is TBARF!

  14. Darth Ray-der Says:

    Rays lose again. Lost 20 out of 23 games now. Everytime I pick up the paper in the morning, I expect Stu Sternberg to fly down and go all old testament on this organization. From top to bottom. After Cash-less, the whole scouting department goes. My goodness, their track record for the last 10 years is abomitable ! If you or me performed like these clowns, we’d be gone after the 1st three years. (and that’s with a dumb boss). Hard to pin all of this on Silverman. He was handed this big hairy turd from Friedman. Thank’s a lot buddy !

  15. Miguel Grande Says:

    Route 44

  16. Darth Ray-der Says:

    Rays lose again. Lost 21 out of the last 24. It’s almost biblical. Please check out my previous post just above. Pretty much sums it up. Lost 4 to 1. Players have tuned out Cash-less and have given up. Basically waiting for the All Star Break to see it all get blown up. Stu would have to be tone deaf not to do anything. No hope, only pain.

  17. Darth Ray-der Says:

    Looks like a rain out today ! Whoo ! Whoo !

  18. Darth Ray-der Says:

    Oops. Looks like they’re playing. The stay of execution lasts one more game.


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