“I Got Exposed”

July 6th, 2016

SouzaRaysJoe hates how much the Rays have been celebrated for their team-wide hustle all season.

It’s a bogus narrative. Joe wrote about it on July 4, and guess what happened last night.

Steven Souza, Jr., was caught loafing and got stuck on third base, in the blowout loss to the Angels at the FruitDome.

Rays beat reporter Steve Carney typed it up nicely at 620wdae.com.

The Rays outfielder found himself standing on third base in the third inning Tuesday following a misplay in the outfield between Shane Robinson and Kole Calhoun, but he knew he shouldn’t be there.

He should be at home after circling the bases, but he didn’t run hard out of the box. Souza knew it, and unfortunately for him, so did manager Kevin Cash, who pulled him from the game after the inning and replaced him with Brandon Guyer, who was supposed to get the day off.

Souza went on to say after the game, “I got exposed,” and admitted to the loaf.

Joe’s contention is it happens often. Guys simply don’t often get exposed. If you’re not hurt, and you can’t spring the 30 yards to first base, then you’re dogging it. Period. And it happens often. It’s great that Kevin Cash finally cracked a whip, but where was this in April?

7 Responses to ““I Got Exposed””

  1. Darth Ray-der Says:

    In every batter’s mind, when he hits a lazy fly ball to left, is depression. Hard to bust a gut going to 1st base when depressed. My solution: Have Batting Coach Sheldon earn his pay and do something useful; pass out anti-depressants before each game. We may lose the game, but the players will feel better for themselves. Maybe, give each a participation trophy.

  2. Darth Ray-der Says:

    Hey Stu – Have you watched your team lately ? They have more clowns than Ringling Brothers. Every night, they’re hilarious for the other team and its’ fans. Clown noses from Michael Grande should be part of their home & away uniforms. Good Gravy ! Other teams must be circling the dates on their calenders for when they play us. We make everyone feel better !

  3. bob Says:

    Would Cash have removed him if the ball was caught……NO. This is why this is so bogus. The Rays have not played hard or smart under Cash, this year or last. Cash is not ready to manage, it’s so obvious. If Stu can fire Lou Piniella, he can get rid of cash and give us fans some hope for the future, which by the way, we don’t have any

  4. Darth Ray-der Says:

    We could have our own version of “Bobblehead Night”. Each time one of our Rays bobble a ball, we pass out his bobblehead doll ! They could stock up on extra Brad Miller bobbleheads.

  5. Darth Ray-der Says:

    Longoria just bobbled a routine ground ball at third with the Rays down 4-0 in the 4th. This was after Nick Franklin’s error throwing to first on a double play. Instead of the head bobbling for bobblehead night, we should have the glove bobbling. Makes sense. Rays down 5-0 now. Mommy ! Make it stop !

  6. Darth Ray-der Says:

    Logan Morrison just misplayed a foul pop up. Sharp single to left. Rays now down 6 to 0. You can’t make this stuff up ! It’s only the 4th inning ! I am now offically turning the radio off. I’ve had enough fun tonight. Send in the clowns !

  7. FortMyersDave Says:

    Too little, too late Joe. BTW, do you think Smyly might take a trip to Durham like Matt Moore did last season? The guy is a guaranteed L out of the box every time he starts now so I say put Matt Andriesse back into the rotation after the break and AAA Smyly! Souza had that coming for loafing, too bad cash did not bring down the hammer earlier, bad manager=bad team…


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