Mindless Bunt Attempt With Game On The Line

July 16th, 2016

logan morrison 0616Joe knows Baltimore closer Zach Britton is a lights-out stud, but what went down in the ninth inning last night from Logan Morrison and the Rays was inexcusable.

Down 4-3 with one out, Brad Miller drilled a two-out double, and then got to third on a wild pitch with Evan Longoria at the plate. Longo is walked intentionally and up comes Morrison, the allegedly legit bat hitting behind him. That’s the guy Rays officials keep saying is the real deal as a “protector” for Longo.

A fly ball ties the game, and on the first pitch, Morrison makes a ludicrous bunt attempt and hurts his hand fouling it off. Bunting 101: don’t expose your fingers and hand on the barrel of the bat.

It was such an ill-advised attempt — physically and mentally. Sadly, it’s what Joe expects from the Rays these days. If the Rays wanted to bunt, there were far better guys in the dugout to pull that off.

With one strike, Morrison swinging away was futile in the lefty-versus-lefty match-up, and Steven Souza, Jr. was just as worthless to close out the game.

Joe is so grateful for alcohol.

6 Responses to “Mindless Bunt Attempt With Game On The Line”

  1. Darth Ray-der Says:

    Yes ! A case of Milwaukee’s Best Light for everyone ! Unfortunately, we’d run out by the 5th inning and then have to start looking for the rubbing alcohol in the medicine cabinet.

  2. Darth Ray-der Says:

    I believe Logan Morrison didn’t want to look stupid swinging wildly at one of Zach Britten’s wiffle ball pitches, so he figured at least he could bunt it. Looking stupid ? Mission accomplished.

  3. Miguel Grande Says:

    I thought it was a great call, who knew that Lomo made it to MLB without learning how to bunt?

    i used to love it when Madden used to make that same call, runners on 1 & 3, one out, almost unstoppable. About 90% effective.

  4. banner Says:

    That’s the point, Miguel. If you’re going to put a guy up to bunt, make it a guy who knows how.

  5. Darth Ray-der Says:

    Rays lose 2 to 1. Matt Moore pitched very well. Trade bait. I think that makes it 3 wins and 24 losses in the last 27 games. (I think). I have to give Kevin Cashless credit for standing up after each loss and facing the press. If it was Leo Derocher, Lou Pinella, or half of the Yankee Managers, they’d say ” Just shoot me”.

  6. FortMyersDave Says:

    I hear ya Darth about LOU Pinella! Imagine if he had to deal with these guys? Remember what he did to Ben Grieve after the kid made an off the cuff comment about the team quitting????? That kid was Rookie of the year once upon a time before the curse of tampa bay ate him up….. Anyhow could you imagine how many ime LOU would have been ejected from games if he was in this mess???? Cashless does not inject one iota of emotion into this squad and I feel this is a problem. Lou Pinella would have told the press that Geltz, Garton, Cedano and any other reliever who blew up like that were already on a red eye to Durham by the time he had to do a post game loss conference…. i think that is part of the problem here, Cash accepts losing and thus he should be fired! I would rather see someone like Lou Pinella throw bases, take players out of games while on the field (imagine what he would have did with Sauza?), and justbasically tell the whole world that his team is a bunch of ****ing losers with no heart! Yet cash stays optimistic….. Its really sad, I was once a Braves fan before tampa got their franchise, now both are in a race for 110 losses. Its time to fire Cash and at least not become the ’62 mets…. A new manager might make these MLB players realize that their careers might be over unless they win a few ****ing games! BTW: fire Derek Shelton!


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