Whole Lot Of Dark

June 22nd, 2016

cash2The good news: Blake Snell wasn’t that awful yesterday.

The bad news: It didn’t matter one iota.

Another day, more problems for your sinking Rays. The violin music grows stronger by the hour, it seems. Cleveland crushed Tampa Bay 6-0 in LeBronVille, sending the Rays to a season-high sixth consecutive loss.
You can’t pin pitching as an issue in this nightmare. Indians legendary right-hander Corey Kluber (7-7, 3.59 ERA) took a one-hitter into the ninth inning before Tampa Bay tacked on garbage-time hits. The offense was as awake as Joe on Sunday morning after a wild Saturday with Captain Morgan.
Joe is fed up. There’s not much to like about the Rays right now, and that’s a depressing feeling to have before everyone enjoys booze and beaches on July 4.
You could take the optimistic view and say it’s still early. That’s true. But only kinda, sorta.
With all the key injuries, the spotty pitching and others separating themselves in the American League East, there’s a whole lot of dark now. It feels like this season is slipping away fast.
Hey, there’s always the rum.

4 Responses to “Whole Lot Of Dark”

  1. bob Says:

    Why not bring in Mesa to play short. Maybe someone who can catch a ball should play short and maybe our pitching wouldn’t suck as much. Our staff has been under fire for not being what we thought they would be, but anyone who knows anything about baseball knows pitchers cannot be great with teams that cannot catch it, not to mention can’t throw anyone out. The Rays lost their way by getting players that can’t catch, in hopes they could hit. At the very least bring up one of our young shortstops who is the slickest fielder and help out our pitchers a little.

  2. Darth Ray-der Says:

    Bob – I agree. With all the injuries, bad defense, and spotty pitching, they are not going anywhere this year. It’s sad, as I was excited about the team at the end of last year with new faces providing a spark. But…The front office intervened. Brought in guys who could hit (belatedly) but were below average defensively. What they did to Mikey Matook and Schaffer coming out of spring training was criminal. Probably ruined their careers. It’s going to be hard to measure Coach Kevin Cash-less with all the injuries. Should we have picked an assistant pitching Coach as Manager ? (Reminds me of the Bucs picking quality control Coach Raheem for their coach) Not ready for prime time.

    Should Desmond Jennings have made the club out of spring training ? How about the front office and the scouting department. Picking 3 (THREE) catchers in the 1st round and none of them are close to seeing the major leagues. One has a bad arm, one has a bad back, and the other can’t hit minor league pitching.

    Trading deadline is coming up. Time to trade the veterans for anything we can get and move on. No hope; only pain.

  3. Buccfan37 Says:

    The Las Vegas Rays might get those money reels spinning faster. The Rays name is perfect too.

  4. Darth Ray-der Says:

    And the beat (down) goes on.


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