Damning 5-For-30 Clip Buries Rays

June 2nd, 2016

No pop. No point. Desmond Jennings led surrender row last night.

What a bizarre season for the Rays’ bats. They’re slamming home runs and having huge days, but the consistency is terrible, and now they’re finding ways to get worse when it matters most.

The three-game broom job the absorbed this week in Kansas City? You easily could blame the pitching all day long, but the Rays finished the series 5-for-30 with runners in scoring position. That should be damn hard to do for a major league team, but the Rays made it look easy.

Perhaps this should be expected when Desmond Jennings, Taylor Motter, Mikie Mahtook and Curt Casali bat sixth through ninth, as they did last night.

The buzz among angry Rays fans calling sports radio is that the team is “unwatchable.” Joe’s not going there yet, but barring a midseason injection of hitting talent, the Rays quickly could earn that adjective.

4 Responses to “Damning 5-For-30 Clip Buries Rays”

  1. Miguel Grande Says:

    Yes, unwatchable

  2. Darth Ray-der Says:

    This team is based on the old Baltimore World Series Teams that relied on great defense (Mark Belanger, Paul Blair), Great pitching (Believe it or not, they had 4 twenty game winners 1 year) and the 3 run home run. For the Rays, They need great pitching and great hitting to even win 1 game. If either falters, they lose. Look, we’ve got some really good pitching coming up soon, so things aren’t as dire, long term, as it looks now. Boy, does that sound strange coming from me. What the Rays haven’t figured out for the longest time is clutch hitting. Logan Forsythe will help when he comes back but the Rays have to change their approach to hitting. Just look at who they played, the Royals. They strike a lot lot less and put the ball in play. a pop up that just eludes the short stop, the weak grounder through the 2nd base hole when they steal second. The Rays do none of that.

  3. Darth Ray-der Says:

    So you ask, Darth, how do the Rays change their philosophy on hitting? I’m glad you asked. Tarnished Silverman, Kevin Cash-less, Hitting Coach Sheldon Are you listening ? … Drum roll, Please ! Bring back the BOTTLE BAT ! For those of you youngsters out there; this bat looks like an upside down beer bottle. Made for making more contact on the ball through the hitting zone. Nellie Fox of the 1959 “Go Go” White Sox went to the Hall of Fame using one. He’d hit 6 or 7 home runs, but always hit .300 with 190 hits. Obviously not made to hit home runs, but to put the ball in play, especially with 2 strikes in the count. Now, all we have are guys trying to crush it even with 2 strikes. At least choke up then. I’d be teaching using the BOTTLE BAT to most of our minor leaguers to change the culture of hitting on this team. What do you think ?

  4. CJ Says:

    We suck


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