Cashed Out?

June 27th, 2016


Let it be known that WFLA-TV Channel 8 sports anchor Paul Ryan has thrown down the gauntlet.

Last night, during the weekly Super Sports Sunday broadcast, Ryan asked aloud if it was time.

“If no one else is going to do it, I will,” Ryan said. He then asked if the Rays needed to shake up the clubhouse as the team lost its 11th straight game Sunday, and 12th in the past 15 contests. And, Ryan asked, if that shake-up should include a change in managers?

In short, Ryan was wondering if Rays manager Kevin Cash can ever turn the team around.

Ryan cited a lethargic atmosphere in the Rays’ clubhouse and he wasn’t sure if Cash, a laid back guy himself, had it in his personality to give his players the needed boot in the rear to turn around the team’s fortunes.

Ryan didn’t call for an outright firing of Cash, noting the team has been beset by injuries this season.

Ryan all but pleaded for Cash to do something to get some energy back: toss some bats, kick some dirt, argue balls and strikes, get thrown out of a game, anything to breathe some life into the club.

It is a fair question to ask. Now that the Rays are circling the drain with their worst losing streak since being known as the dreaded Devil Rays, does Cash have it in him to get things back on track or has he lost the clubhouse and guys are just going through the motions and collecting checks?

Does Joe expect Stu Sternberg to dump Cash midseason? No.

5 Responses to “Cashed Out?”

  1. richraysfan Says:

    Whose butt will Cash boot? The triple A’s guys? The catcher twins? Whatever you see is the best it’s gonna get. The starting staff…now that’s a different story. Are they really that bad. Did each of them have a career year last season and this is who they are? There’s plenty of blame, but none greater than the front office. We heard late last season that Sternberg was going to cut payroll to 70 million. The team was already in a death spiral last season and to choke the payroll was either punishment of the fans or profit maximizing. Hard to know. But Sternberg has not built relationships with local CEO’s so he has no corporate support. He’s in NY counting his Rays’ profits. It’s a money maker for him and I doubt he gives two hoots. His front office is one of the worst in the league starting with the scouting staff. So, Cash? Like I’ve said, he’s the Rays version of Raheem Morris…same salary, same experience… Feel bad for Cash.

  2. Darth Ray-der Says:

    Both Andrew Friedman and Joe Maddon saw this coming last year. Lack of talent both on the big league team and the whole minor league system, so they bailed. 1st rounders Tim Beckham (2008), Levon Washington (2009), Josh Sale (2009), and Justin O’Connor (2010) have all sucked or have been released. You’ve got to hit on the best 32 ballplayers out of over 1000 drafted each year. Our scouting department and front office have been abysmal. I might be wrong, but I don’t believe Stu Sternberg has fired anyone since he took over ownership. It’s time.

  3. Berdj Rassam Says:

    It’s been a very tough year for the Rays with little chance of a turnaround anytime this season.

  4. Buccfan37 Says:

    Bring back the Devil Rays name for a spell, it can’t hurt, it beats the Charmin Rays.

  5. FortMyersDave Says:

    It might be time for Cash to cash out! As richraysfan has pointed out; the roster is full of guys who should be Durham Bulls. One guy who is on the Rays coaching staff and actually got something for these guys: Ex Durham manager Charlie Montoyo: perhaps he would be a good interim candidate??? Hell, at least he is familiar with most of these characters and he did have success, albeit at the AAA level but that is basically what we have at the Trop now. Look at the train wreck that cash, Garton and Erasmo created last night: 7-2 to 10-7 in a matter of minutes after Cash pulled ex-starter Matt Andriese who went 3 solid innings with only 27 pitches thrown: why not 4 innings 40 pitches Cash????? The guy was a starter he could have handled the extra innings, instead you made another idiotic decision even worse then sending Steve Geltz into a tied or 1 run game…. Bad manager = Bad baseball and the team lacks heart and leadership! yes, Cash has to go!


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