Is Evan Longoria An All-Star Again?

June 5th, 2016

Ending a five-year drought?

Party like it’s 2009!

You might have heard that Evan Longoria went back to the future against the Twins over the weekend, going 7-for-16 with five home runs and eight RBIs as the ragin’ Rays took three of four games against those Minnesota men.

Yes, this damage came against the Twins’ awful pitching staff, which serves up more meatballs than an Olive Garden chef. Yes, it’s hard to read what this bump in momentum means after that crazy-bad Kansas City series, given how Minnesota is the American League equivalent of rotting roadkill.

But those terrible Twins also cash major-league paychecks, and Longo’s Minnesota mashing leads to this question: Is he an All-Star?

He’s the Rays’ hottest hitter after outpacing Logan Morrison in the past seven games. (Longoria has three home runs and seven RBIs in the stretch, while Morrison has two and four. Longoria also batted .393 compared to Morrison’s .370.)

Overall, Longoria has hit .281 with 14 home runs and 34 RBIs this season. He leads the team in home runs, RBIs, slugging percentage (.543) and he’s third in OPS (.872). As always, Longo’s defense is All-Star caliber.

The Rays don’t have many clear candidates for the All-Star nod. Erasmo Ramirez looked the part before he faded of late. There’s Alex Colome, who is 15-for-15 on save chances, but he lacks national buzz.

Believe it or not, Longoria last appeared in an All-Star Game in 2010. So-so players such as Matt Joyce and Matt Moore have repped the Rays as All-Stars more recently than Longo.

If Longoria keeps up his heat at the plate, you can bet that All-Star drought will end soon.

3 Responses to “Is Evan Longoria An All-Star Again?”

  1. Darth Ray-der Says:

    Longo has moved from a narrow stance to a wider stance. Makes sense as you get older, you need a little more stable footwork. (Too bad B J Upton never figured it out) What I’d like to know, does this change come from Longo or was the Batting Coach Sheldon behind it ? If so, Sheldon just earned his monthly paycheck.

  2. Miguel Grande Says:

    Longo goes 7-for-16 with five home runs and eight RBIs in MN yet
    Longoria has three home runs and seven RBIs in the 7 game stretch.

    I’m so confused without the daily bull pen stats.

    I wish there was a site for Ray’s news.

    Why is Brandon Guyer on the DL?

  3. Darth Ray-der Says:

    Guyer is down with a hamstring injury. Will be on the shelf for 2 weeks. The L. A. Dodgers just designated for assignment; Carl Crawford. How ironic would it be that his heir apparent, Desmond Jennings, gets cut this week as well ? Then we can play the “Where’s the Jennings” game.


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