Storybook End To Heinous Losing Streak

June 28th, 2016

joeraymugHooray, the losing streak is over! And how fitting it came against Boston.

That’s the same team the Rays caught during their epic, miracle finish in 2011. Did last night have a deeper meaning?

Ahh, the optimist in Joe can’t help but go there.

The terrible tale of woe ended at 11 games last night at the happy FruitDome, a 13-7 pounding behind Nick Franklin’s five RBIs, a career day, and decent pitching from young left-hander Blake Snell.

Thank goodness this ridiculous slide is done. Joe started to wonder when the sun would shine over Tampa Bay again.

The fun started early with five runs in the first inning, then the good guys tacked on four more in the third. This was a laugher, and the Rays needed a good knee-slapper after the doldrums of the past two weeks.

Let’s see if the Rays can string a few victories together. This 11-game homestand before the All-Star break will reveal so much about whether they can get their season back on the rails. After wrapping up the series against the Stinkin’ Saux, the Tigers and Angels roll in for four-game sets.

Unfortunately, it feels like the damage has been done. That 13-game hole in the American League East looks daunting. And it must be noted that the Rays haven’t won more than four consecutive games this season. But today is about dreaming of fantasy finishes.

At least the 11-game nightmare is history. Keep calm and carry on.

3 Responses to “Storybook End To Heinous Losing Streak”

  1. Miguel Grande Says:

    Ray asked where Miguel Grande has been?

    Miguel is the epitome of a fair weather fan.

    When things get dark and dismal, Miguel disappears.

    When the Rays load the bases in the 1st, no outs and Davis comes to the plate, Miguel shuts off the TV.

    Miguel has no viable solutions or constructive criticisms.

    Miguel mourns the loss of Kevin Kiermier, Brandon Guyer, Steve Pierce, Stephen Souza, James Loney and Alex Cobb.

    This team is too thin and undercapitalized to absorb those losses.

    It;s time to turn the page on Beckham, Conger and Desmond Jennings.

    Miguel is not the patron saint of lost causes.

    Sports should be fun.

  2. Darth Ray-der Says:

    Miguel – This what Stu Sternberg should be worried about. Fans not caring anymore. He wants a new stadium built for him, but he isn’t showing that he cares enough about us, the fans. He complains the fans don’t come out and support his team, yet he put into place an incompetent front office and doesn’t spend money on players. Like it was our fault that he signed a crappy deal with the previous owner. Yes, injuries have been bad, but they were bad last year too and I felt a lot more optimistic then. I believe he will be able to participate in Baseball’s new TV contract next year which will put tens of millions in his pocket. Him crying poor is getting old.

  3. Darth Ray-der Says:

    Hey Miguel Grande – Brandon Guyer – He’s baaack !


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