May 14th, 2016
Out indefinitely

Out indefinitely

Remember when Logan Forsythe got drilled in the left shoulder by King Felix on Tuesday?

X-rays were “negative,” but today we learned Forsythe has internal bleeding and will be out at least another few weeks.

Andrew Astleford, typing for, delivered the crushing news.

“You hate to get an injury like that — hit by pitch. … There’s nothing that you can really do to prevent it. … Yesterday when I was doing some stuff, it just wasn’t right.”

Forsythe said he’ll be re-evaluated three weeks from the hit. He said a best-case view of his recovery would have him returning a month from the date of the injury.

The Rays losing a leadoff hitter like Forsythe batting .308 is like most teams losing a No. 3 hitter batting .350. He’s just not replaceable for the long term.

Look for plenty of Steve Pearce — and more Logan Morrison (ugh) at first base.

One Response to “Noooooooooo”

  1. Darth Ray-der Says:

    By now, you all know that the Rays blew a 5 to 1 lead and later a 6 to 5 lead. Congratulations to B. Guyer on his 2 home run 4 RBI day. Remember, Cash didn’t think he was good enough to start at the beginning of the season. Mikie Matook and Schaeffer also. This loss was disgusting on so may levels. Starting pitching couldn’t hold a 5 to 1 lead. Steve Geltz allowing the winning home run with two outs to a guy who already had a bunch of home runs this home stand, and finally, our intrepid head coach, Cash. What is he thinking when he brings in Geltz, whose been giving up home runs like they are on sale at Costco to face a guy who’s KILLED us this home stand. I’m starting to believe there is NO hope. We can’t pitch, (with our veteran staff), we can’t hit with 8 of our 13 position players hitting under .220, and we can’t manage with Cash’s move today and batting Logan Morrison (No RBIs) clean up in Seattle. “Tarnished” Silverman better get his *ss out of where the sun don’t shine and make some moves. Cash is on double secret probation now! God, I hope tomorrow is an off day so I can get the taste out of my mouth!


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