“Geltzed” Is The New Verb

May 23rd, 2016
Contributes to King's English.

Contributes to King’s English.

“You have been Geltzed.”

That is the new saying around Tampa Bay when something bad happens. It is the new verb.

Yes, the Rays demoted gas can reliever Steve Geltz. Finally. May he never be seen in these parts again. But his legacy will live.

From now on, if you lose your job, you have been “Geltzed.” If you have an accident in your pants, you just “Geltzed” yourself. When the neighbor’s dog decides to drop a No. 2 in your front yard, he just “Geltzed” on your yard.

When you’ve had way, way, way too much to drink the night before and you have to unload the next morning the way it went down, you have just “Geltzed” to the porcelain god.

Geltz may be gone, but he will never be forgotten.

One Response to ““Geltzed” Is The New Verb”

  1. Miguel Grande Says:

    When you get castrated, you become a geltzing.

    I bet on a geltzing in the Preakness and he gave up a grand slam.


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