Empty Slam

May 12th, 2016

Just like that, the Tampa Bay sweep of the Angels was wiped out by a hot Seattle team, which made the Rays’ starting pitching look like Triple-A meat.

Corey Dickerson’s grand slam (video below) was yesterday afternoon’s big highlight for the series finale, which was not on local TV across Tampa Bay. It tied the game at 4, but extra innings were no match for the now-slumping Rays (15-17, fourth in the AL East).

2 Responses to “Empty Slam”

  1. Miguel Grande Says:

    If it’s not on the TeeVee, doe’s it even count?

    I saw James Loney eating a Grand Slam at Denny’s and his hair was perfect!

  2. Darth Ray-der Says:

    It’s totally amazing this team is as close to a .500 record as it is. Maybe the front office number crunchers can crunch this : Out of the 13 position players on the Rays, over half (8) are hitting under .213. Six are hitting under the Mendoza line of .200. Thirty years ago, pundits could not understand how any player hitting under .200 could be on a major league roster. In Mendoza’s case, he was a great defensive player. The Hall of Shame is as follows in order of patheticness: Leading off, you guessed it 1. Logan Morrision hitting – .127, 2. T. Beckham – .147, 3 Desmond Jennings – .163, 4. Cory Dickerson – .182, 5. Hammering Hank Conger – .189, and 6. Curt Casali – .191. Kevin Kiermaier and Brad Miller are close at .208 and .213 respectively. Obviously a case can be made for the defensive part of the equation with (Casali and Kiermaier) and power/RBIs (Dickerson, Kiermaier, and Casali). Brad Miller is on the upswing. I was going to slam Cash due to his stubborness playing Morrison with no RBIs on the season (and batting him cleanup in Saturday’s game. What’s that all about) and his snit fit on cutting James Loney because he didn’t come back in shape from injury during last year. Now, one must wonder if he should be manager of the year.


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