Casali With The Walkoff!

May 1st, 2016

Never gets old.

And how bout Logan Forsythe going 3-for-3 to jack his average up to .341. Best damn move of the offseason was dropping him in the leadoff hole.

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  1. Miguel Grande Says:

    Cash might want to drop Forsythe down to clean up the way that he’s hitting.

    The walk off hit might even be credited to Forsythe being in the on deck circle when the Jays pitcher grooved a fastball on a 3-1 count.

    Imagine the pitches Longo would see with Logan batting behind him.

    There was a James Loney sighting, he was drinking a South Park Mule at the Tobacco Road Bar next to the Durham Bull’s Stadium and his hair was perfect.

  2. Darth Ray-der Says:

    Yes ! It’s that time again when we give our awards to the most deserving of the Tampa Bay Rays for the Month of April. WINNER # 3 — Tarnished Silverman, who sacrificed defense for offense by bringing in Brad Miller, Logan Morrison, and “Hammering Hank” Conger. But got neither offense or defense. Winner # 2 — “Hammering Hank” Conger who actually threw out a base runner today. 1 for 49. Whoo – Whoo. ! The other 48 were the pitcher’s fault for not keeping them close. Way to throw your battery mates under the bus ! Whoo whoo ! WINNER # 1 — I know, you all guessed it by now (Worst kept secret). LOGAN MORRISON ! Congratulations for not getting cut from the team ! There’s probably a record here somewhere. A designated hitter who is 0 for April for runs batted in. Starting off May like he wants to defend his title. 0 fer 4 with 1 K. Actually, it wasn’t that bad, He popped out to third and 1st. Earth to Cash, are you seeing what I am seeing ?


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