Break Comes On Souza’s Back

May 8th, 2016

SouzaRaysSlow the video on last night’s ninth-inning gift.

Just watch where Steven Souza, Jr’s left foot is when he gets plunked in the back while sprinting back to first base from second. Souza left foot is on the infield grass.

Joe’s pretty sure that’s out of the base-path running and Souza should not have been allowed to turn around and get to second base. Regardless, him snuffing out a pitch out and catching a throw in the back led to Logan Forsythe’s two-out, two run single to bury the Angels 4-2.

Your beloved Rays are now 14-14 and on a roll.

Forsythe is a true All-Star, now batting .320 with 12 RBIs from the leadoff spot. And so is Erasmo Ramirez and his rubber arm, moving to 6-1 with a two-inning victory (one hit, no runs).

Get the broom out.

2 Responses to “Break Comes On Souza’s Back”

  1. Miguel Grande Says:

    I still prefer Forsythe in the 4th spot where there will be more RBI opportunities. 12 RBIs would become 25 and Longo would see better pitches.

    Kiermier could lead off.

    When Casale walked and Logan came to the plate with the bases loaded, the Angels freaked out.

    I saw James Loney drinking a Frankenstein at the Copper Still and his hair was perfect!

  2. Darth Ray-der Says:

    Good to see a little more power coming from Dickerson & Souza. Souza could be a 30 HR player. How long has it been ? At least Longoria doesn’t have to feel that he has to carry the team by himself. Kudos to Brad Miller for his 4 hit, 1 home run to center field game earlier. You add “can’t bunt” to Desmond’s resume along with can’t hit, steal bases, or throw anyone out with his noodle arm.


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