Back-To-Back Explosions

May 18th, 2016

Someone declare a national holiday! Logan Morrison recorded his first — and second! — RBI of the season.

The Rays have not put 25 on Toronto in two games and sit at 18-19 in third place. Enjoy the hit show below.

2 Responses to “Back-To-Back Explosions”

  1. Miguel Grande Says:

    Another miracle! The Ray’s shortstop position hits for the cycle.

    Who pinch hits for a guy that has a single, double and a triple? How many chances does a player get to achieve that goal?

    Logan Morrison explodes with 2 RBIs! Count em!!! Twoooooo!!!

    Didn’t Loney get 3 in Cuba only to get cast into the Loney Bin?

    I saw James Loney drinking a Flying Monkey at the Brass Rail and his hair was perfect.

  2. Darth Ray-der Says:

    Great point Miguel; Who pinch hits for a player that has a chance to hit for the cycle? Well. it’s our intrepid, not ready for prime time, Coach Cash-less. It seems every game he is making questionable decisions. You don’t think Brad Miller isn’t going to think about that all season ? I am a calm and wonderful guy as I’m sure Brad is, but I would think about it often. In the interview after the game, Coach Cash-less told reporters that he could look up in September and see Logan Morrision with 65 to 70 RBIs. Let that sink in for a moment….Mr. Cash-less, LoMo is on pace to get…9 RBIs. Why do think the teams exploded for runs the last 2 games ? Is it coincidence that we just got new blood in the clubhouse named Motter. Bring up Matook and Schaffer, drop Desmond and Morrison and watch this team launch.


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