Rays Give Fans Relief

May 23rd, 2016
Thank you, Matt Silverman.

Thank you, Matt Silverman.

In a predictable (and overdue) move, the Rays demoted sieve reliever Steve Geltz to Triple-A Durham yesterday.

This was as much of a surprise as seeing sand at St. Pete Beach.

So give Tampa Bay brass a hand for at least ending everyone’s agony by starting Geltz’s professional therapy.

The final straw came after another disappointment in Detroit yesterday, where Geltz waved the white flag in allowing two runs and two hits in one inning in a 9-4 loss. The scary thing is he wasn’t even the worst Rays pitcher on the mound. That dubious title was awarded to Chris Argh-cher, who surrendered six runs and eight hits in three innings.

Joe hopes Geltz escapes his personal sinkhole and becomes a capable member of the Rays’ bullpen again. It’s obvious he has a ton of work to do to rebuild his confidence.

3 Responses to “Rays Give Fans Relief”

  1. Miguel Grande Says:

    Big weekend for the Rays. Losing Kevin Freaking Kiermayier certainly was a kick in the teeth. Logan Forsythe was a big loss but KK was the heart of this very average team.

    Its nice to see Logan Morrison and Brad Miller finally playing some good ball but defensely that are hurting the team. Pierce is a nice bat but at 2nd base this guy sucks.

    I saw James Loney drinking a Mint Julep at the Green Dot Stables and his hair was perfect!

  2. Darth Ray-der Says:

    As I’ve said for the last month, this team needs a youth infusion. Unfortunetly, it’s starting to happen due to injuries to our best players. I had made the prediction that by Memorial day, Morrison, Conger, Miller, and Beckham would all be gone. That looks doubtful now. Sad.

  3. Darth Ray-der Says:

    I forgot to mention Desmond Jennings as well. Looks like Hammering Hank Conger is on double secret probation as the Rays signed one of their old catchers, Arrieciba (Sorry for the spelling). This guy could always hit. How bad can he be as compared to Conger ? Conger can’t throw, can”t block pitches in the dirt, or hit. Good at faking out the umpires for framing pitches though. I guess that’s enough to stay in the majors. Some where Yogi Berra is rolling in his grave.


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