The Rays We Waited For

April 6th, 2016

JoeRaysMugYeah, it was tense today, but you finally got the feeling this was how Matt Silverman and the famous Rays computers drew up victory in 2016.

Big bats combined with smart bats, and just enough pitching without the embarrassing defense that plagued the Rays through the first three games of this season.

Steven Souza, Jr., belted two homers, the second a three-run bomb in the eighth that won the game and cemented his 4-for-4 day. It must be the broccoli!

What really impressed Joe was Desmond Jennings batting just before Souza’s game-winner, singling to right field and moving Evan Longoria to third base. After the game, Kevin Cash noted it was a near pitchout that Jennings went with to protect running Longo. That’s just not the kind of stuff Jennings did in past years, at least not with any consistency. ┬áHe’s hitting .333 through four games, an extension of his surprising spring.

Erasmo Ramirez had a near-perfect two innings to close the game and get the win.

So the Rays are 2-2 after failing to get standout starting pitching in any game. Joe will take that any day, especially against the big-bat Blue Jays.

One Response to “The Rays We Waited For”

  1. Miguel Grande Says:

    Joe nailed it, where’s the starting pitching? Erasmo is leading the staff in wins.

    I tuned in a little late (2nd) to watch Moore nibbling on the black part of the plate. All called balls. The pitch count going through the Tropicana Dome’s roof.

    I thought these guys were scouting umpires?

    Where’s Loney???


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