Surprising Statistic

April 19th, 2016


Joe has already pointed out that Chris Archer is not having as bad of a start to the 2016 season as his win-loss record suggests. Some fans believe Archer has been a victim of rotten offense.

Initially, Joe thought the Rays were a complete and total windmill. This premise was nurtured by only the less-than-robust offense. But it’s not so.

Joe pulled up the hitting stats from

Seems, when it comes to strikeouts, the Rays are in the middle of the pack. The Rays have 103 strikeouts through 12 games. By standards of recent baseball past (before the “Moneyball” nonsense took hold), these are garish numbers — but not in today’s swing-for-the-fences mentality.

(This “working the count” crap puts batters in a hole. No wonder there are so many strikeouts when this misguided mentality encourages pitchers to freely get ahead on counts.)

The Rays are tied for 12th in baseball with the Cubs and White Sox and Nats, all good teams thus far. The Rays are well behind the Astros, which have fanned a galling number of times, 141 whiffs through 14 games leading the bigs.

Worst offender for the Rays? That Gold Glove first baseman Logan Morrison, who has 14 strikeouts in 32 at-bats. He’s tied for 28th-worst windmill in all of baseball.

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  1. Miguel Grande Says:

    King Archer needs to sacrifice a chicken, or shave his head or do some other type of slump buster.

    At least he can look forward to that relaxing 3 days laying on the beach in Cuba during the All Star break.

    Where’s Loney???


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