Scoreless And Thoughtless

April 16th, 2016

JoeRaysMugYour 3-7 Rays were blanked 1-0 by the White Sox┬álast night, perhaps the ultimate fan humiliation in baseball. The home crowd gets nothing but heartburn, waiting and hoping for something that’s never coming.

Jake Odorizzi was strong — four hits, a walk and six strikeouts through seven innings, and Xavier Cedeno fanned two in the eighth, but that’s about it.

The biggest hit of the night was from Kevin Kiermaier and Logan Forsythe. Kiermaier forgot Baseball 101 and didn’t call off — or back off — on a looper to right center. The collision (seen below) knocked both from the game.

3 Responses to “Scoreless And Thoughtless”

  1. Miguel Grande Says:

    Ray’s fans were pleasantly surprised to see a new line up minus the Dynamic Duo.

    Has Cash had an epiphany or does he fear light hitting lefties, Miller & Morrison, might strike out 6 times against the scintillating Sox southpaw slayer, Sales.

    Then our season flashed in front of our eyes as Kiermeir and Forsythe collided in center field. Luckily, they both received just glancing blows but we were back to square one with the Dynamic Duo back in the line up.

    I think Jake Odorissi pitched tough even without his best stuff, but the Rays outlook is dismal with the hand that Kevin Cash has been dealt

    Where’s Loney???

  2. Sean Says:

    Joe I know joe bucs gets more traffic but let’s get these comments rolling…maybe put a joe rays fans post on joe bucs as much as you do the reverse here…your the professional just letting you know my hopes and dreams…

  3. Miguel Grande Says:

    Ten hits and 3 home runs and the Joes don’t even show up for work? Naybe, they should lay off the rot gut Bud Light and drink something that let’s you wake up without the hangover.

    Miller looked great at the plate.

    Erasmo get’s another win!

    Where’s Joe???


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