Rays Honor Hollywood, Red Sox

April 1st, 2016

NormColonels, Admirals, Governors and Hall of Famers have tossed the first pitch at Rays/Devil Rays home openers through the years. Even Chucky and Rich McKay received the honor in 2003, providing pewter-and-red flair to the festivities.

But the choice for Sunday is a true head-scratcher. That would be George Wendt III, best known as Norm on the former NBC hit “Cheers.”

What, ALF was busy?

As far as Joe can tell, Wendt has as much of a connection to Tampa Bay as an Alaskan Eskimo. He’s a Chicago native. He went to Notre Dame … but he dropped out. Maybe he enjoyed a beach vacation in the region long ago, but it’s not like he’s a grand symbol of Tampa or St. Pete pride.

The Rays say Wendt’s appearance is courtesy of Budweiser, so it smells like capitalism is at work. (Hey, the Cardinals get the Clydesdales during their home opener!)

Whatever,  Joe thinks it’s damn strange an actor known for his role on a show about a friggin’ Boston bar — and Red Sox pitcher — will throw out the first pitch at a Rays home opener.

Can the Red Sox take Hulk Hogan?

2 Responses to “Rays Honor Hollywood, Red Sox”

  1. Miguel Grande Says:

    I think the Rays are using the beer drinking aspect to popularize the team. I watched during an interview with one of the owners explaining how they had improved the stadium by placing a “Kegerator” in the owner’s box.

    The owner actually poured himself a glass of beer while looking extremely uncomfortable while doing so. So uncomfortable, it looked like a normal person would look like sacrificing a live chicken and drinking it’s blood.

    He said that they have placed about 30 of these beer kegs, willy nilly throughout the stadium. He forgot to mention that each cup would cost $9.

    Who are these people? What have they done to baseball??

    They lost me when they put a ring of security guards around the field between every inning. We are old baseball loving baby boomers not meth crazed motorcycle outlaws. When we die, baseball dies with us!

    Next improvement…………sniper towers.

  2. Buccfan37 Says:

    Should have had Stephen Hawking throw out the first pitch with a bazooka attached to his wheelchair.


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