Defense Stabilizes In Series Win

April 28th, 2016

JoeRaysMugIt was flashback Wednesday at the Trop last night. Big pitching, great defense and dead bats.

And dead bats lose games, as Rays fans know too well. The 3-1 loss to Baltimore last night closed out the series victory but squandered a strong outing by Matt Moore.

Joe is staying positive and looking at the collective upswing of the Rays’ defense through the series. Yeah, there are still issues at catcher, but the Rays finally look like a good defensive team.

Last night’s diving grab by Steven Souza, Jr. definitely outshined the gem Kevin Kiermaier turned in on Tuesday. Brad Miller has even stopped people from covering their eyes when a ground ball comes his way.

Encouraging stuff for the long term.

Enjoy Souza’s catch below.

3 Responses to “Defense Stabilizes In Series Win”

  1. Miguel Grande Says:

    We have to give Souza props, he has developed into an All-Star right fielder and has impressed the fans with his bat as well.

    Malone pitched a great game except for losing focus temporarily giving up a 4 pitch walk, base hit and home run to a light hitting rookie.

    Was that James Loney drinking an Old Fashioned at the Vinoy Renaissance Veranda Bar last night? His hair was reportedly perfect!

  2. Darth Ray-der Says:

    It seems to me that this team is like an engine that needs a tune up. Running, but running rough. I believe the front office has to get off their high horse and admit mistakes were made in the off season with the M & M turds from Seattle and the one trick pony (framing) in Conger. Can’t throw, can’t block balls in the dirt, and can’t hit. When that infection is cleared out, you’ll see a much better team.

  3. JaiRays3 Says:

    Lord Ray-der you took the words out of every true Rays fans mouth


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