Not Even Close

April 18th, 2016

Joe absolutely loved the command of Matt Moore yesterday in the Rays’ 3-2, series-clinching win against the White Sox.

He wasn’t just good. He was dominant, with 67 of 97 pitches for strikes and 10 Ks versus zero walks. Just look at the whiff-compilation video below. The Sox hitters are behind in the count and flailing. Vintage Moore.

5 Responses to “Not Even Close”

  1. Ray of Sunshine Says:

    What a relief! Matt is as good or better than before the surgery. Memo To Cash. Guyer went 4 for 4. You may want to play him more. Where are you going to put him? Figure it out. One of the M & M turds went 0 fer 3 again, but the time he reached base on an error….Wait for it…Got picked off of first. (Batting Ave. .063) Mr. Cash, this person is also your DH. I hope all this is dawning on you. Also, your starting SS (also a M & M turd) went 0 fer 3. (Batting Ave. .114). It’s sad as at the end of last year, 3 young players proved they belonged up in the majors Matook, Schaeffer, & Guyer. Now 2 of the 3 are toiling in the minors.

  2. Ray of Sunshine Says:

    I know what you are thinking. Schaeffer plays Longoria’s position and the the other 2 play in an overcrowded outfield. What to do? Time to trade an outfielder not named Matook , Kiermaier, or Guyer along with one of our pitchers for a catcher that has a better record for throwing out runners than 0 for 44. I guess it was the pitcher’s fault all 44 times for not keeping the runner close at first. If this keeps up, I’m going to change my handle from Ray of Sunshine to Darth Ray-der.

  3. Miguel Grande Says:

    Miguel had some comments but Ray covered all the bases adequately, except:

    Where’s Loney???

  4. CaptainNicko Says:

    I’m with Miguel. Nothing to add here other than Darth Ray-der seems to fit you better…

  5. Darth Ray-der Says:

    Miguel – Coming back from Miami, I think I saw Loney hanging out at the indian rest stop off of I-75.


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