Soft Bats, Greedy Old Fan Doom Rays

April 5th, 2016

JoeRaysMugThe Rays’ nasty ghost returned tonight, the one that sucks the soul from them with runners in scoring position.

Joe’s hanging this 5-3 loss to Toronto on the Rays going 1-for-12 with guys on second or third base, and that includes poor hitting when they only needed an out to score a run.

That just can’t keep happening, not at home, not after the focus of the offseason was on bolstering bats — and not when Toronto was just as bad with runners on base tonight.

And then there was the 70-something-year-old (80?) alleged Rays fan wearing an expensive Tampa Bay jersey. Sporting a baseball glove, this genius reached over the right center field wall and caught a Jays line drive that looked like it was about to hit the wall. Baseball’s finest ruled it a home run.

It makes Joe sick that the guy is going to tell all his friends at the golf course how he’s a TV star.

A few minutes later, it took the umps five-plus minutes to figure out Steven Souza, Jr. caught a foul ball in right field. That layoff was enough to rattle Drew Smyly, apparently, and he served up a two-run bomb to center. Game over.

Smyly was anything but his stunning spring self. He caught whatever Chris Archer had yesterday.

Your Rays are 0-2.

On the upside, Kevin Kiermaier was 3-for-3 and more than made up for his ugly baserunning on Sunday. Kiermaier fooling Jose Bautista in right field and turning a basic single into a double was something out of high school ball –supreme hustle, speed and guile to pull that off in the majors.


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    Oh well….. 2 down 160 to go.

  2. Miguel Grande Says:

    Bartman……..Bartman………is that you?

    Where’s Loney???? Did he sign a long term deal with Cuba Nacionale????


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