Archer Channels His Maddon Training

April 26th, 2016

archerrays2Chris Archer took a public flogging during the past week after starting 2016 horrendously — on the heels of a rough finish to 2015.

And in the true Joe Maddon tradition, Archer acted like it was all lollipops and rainbows.

Nothing to worry about. You’re all overreacting. Throwing batting practice and going 0-4? No worries. Have a glass of wine. It was like Joe Maddon after damn near every loss.

Remember, Archer is a Maddon guy through and through, from the literature to the love of the camera.

Archer dominated the Orioles last night en route to the Rays’ 2-0 win, recapturing his fastball (10 strikeouts) and mixing in a changeup.

Archer’s supreme confidence will continue — because it’s never going to end.

2 Responses to “Archer Channels His Maddon Training”

  1. Miguel Grande Says:

    I’m very happy that the real King Archer has returned to claim his throne.

    The Prince and the Pauper story line has played out. Long live the King!!

    Now if we could only figure out where the two Joes, Rachel Watson and their interns disappear to on weekends?

    ! saw James Loney drinking a Cigar City Lager at Ferg’s Sport Bar last night and his hair was perfect!

  2. Darth Ray-der Says:

    Our pitching Coach is the best. It was obvious that nothing physically was wrong with Archer. He still had the velocity (95+) and struck out more than 1 batter per inning. All he did was mix in some more changeups and that did the trick. Look out from here on out ! I am also gratified to see Sousa Jr. fulfilling his destiny. This guy hit over .350 at AAA. Probably would have shown it earlier last year if he hadn’t been hit on the hands, not once, but twice. Can see him and Dickerson both hitting 30+ homers this year. It’s all unicorns and rainbows today. Here’s an idea – Can Sousa play 1st base and bring up Matook to play right field? Now that would be a powerful lineup ! Saw James Loney coming out of the French Foo Foo salon yesterday, where everyone is treated like a stud with great hair, with a big smile on his face. Better not tell his squeeze Mercedes. As described at the Peek a Boo Lounge, she has a terrible temper.


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