What The Farquhar?

March 20th, 2016

Farquarrays2The Kevin Cash era is different.

Whether that’s good or bad is unclear, but if anything, it’s more normal.

That brings Joe to closer Brad Boxberger, who is lost until mid-May after surgery last week.

Cork Gaines, over at the brilliant RaysIndex.com, explains that newcomer Danny Farquhar is in line to be the interim closer — guessing games not included.

Of course, if Joe Maddon was manager, he would shut this all down by just saying the Rays won’t use a closer and it would just be all hands on deck. But this new era of the Rays now seems to embrace the more traditional roles of the bullpen as most pitchers prefer to know what their role is ahead of time.

With the American League seemingly wide open this season, getting off to a good start could be more important than ever. The Rays are going to have to do that with a replacement-level pitcher protecting the lead late in games.

You can read all about Farquhar here. The Rays’ “Goodwill sweater” has closing experience, but not enough to keep any Rays fan from praying for two-run leads entering the ninth inning.


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