Jailed Cuban Protester ID’d

March 29th, 2016

cuban flag

Just because seemingly everyone with a microphone hailed the Rays playing in the Caribbean jewel of communism that is Cuba last week as some historic event on the same level as the fall of the Berlin Wall, that didn’t mean everyone was going to celebrate the event like it was VJ-Day.

And one person made sure Saturday night his angst was felt by the Rays. Cuban nationalist Heliodoro Gutierrez raced onto the field during a Rays-Pirates spring game at McKechnie Field in Bradenton, ran towards the Rays dugout, and tossed a couple of beers at the players, all the while hollering something that would have landed him in one of the brutal prisons run by the Castro Bros. — had this been Havana.

It was not Havana, but Bradenton. Still, Gutierrez was jailed by Bradenton police for a host of charges.

WTSP.com has all the details as you can see in the video below.

Look, we live in Florida. There are a lot of Cuban exiles who reside in the state; their property stolen by the Castro Bros., families that were left behind to live under the constant boot of the Castro Bros. Prison sentences, or worse, for those who have the gall to want basic freedom and liberty.

In a way, Joe doesn’t expect this to be the lone incident.


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