“Crazy” Season, Savage Spring, Injured Elbow

March 15th, 2016

It’s been a wild ride to security for Logan Forsythe

Part-time Swiss Army knife players don’t want to stay that way forever.

It’s an existence of necessity rather than desire. There are the sporadic starts. There are the different roles.

For them, it’s hard to gain the consistency necessary to build confidence and make a true impact.

Rays infielder Logan Forsythe is a fine example of what can happen when a player is given a chance to shine with a defined job description.

After appearing in no more than 110 games in a single season through his first four campaigns in the majors, he played in 153 contests last year, with 123 starts at second base. He hit a career-high .281 with 17 home runs and 68 RBI.

A pot of gold awaited him at the end of that rainbow. He signed a deal that could be worth $20.25 million over three years. That’ mega cash for Tampa Bay.

Forsythe spoke to the Tampa Bay Times about how refreshing it was to take a step forward in his career.

“My wife and I talked about it a lot, how crazy the season was,” Forsythe said. “It went quick. We were talking about how I was able to be focused like I was in those two-, three-week stints I would get my whole career. Once I realized I was able to do that for the entire year, then I was like, ‘That’s what my mind-set is going to be.’ … I just wanted to be consistent. And that was the repetitive term.”

Joe is pulling for Forsythe, who paid his dues early in his career.

So far this spring, Forsythe is hitting .500 and he’s been batted leadoff five times. Yes, neither of those are typos. But Forsythe got plunked by a first-inning pitch on his left elbow today against the Phillies and was yanked immediately. Hopefully, that doesn’t cool him off or shake his confidence.

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  1. Ray of Sunshine Says:

    Does Logan have the speed for lead off ? Much of the aura of leadoff is to get on base and make the pitcher nervous by being a stealing threat.


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