Rockstar Rays; Political Questions

March 22nd, 2016


The Rays have been received in Cuba the same way Channing Tatum would be greeted by a group of teenage girls.

All the photos out of Havana are incredible. (Check out the RaysInCuba hashtag, if you haven’t.) Some of the most-stunning images came from a scene Monday at the famed La Esquina Caliente in Parque Central, where baseball superfans gather and exchange hot takes.

Chris Archer, James Loney and Steven Souza Jr. dropped by the site, and onlookers swarmed them like bees on honey.

Joe can’t imagine what it must have been like to see this sight live. Simply amazing. If you need proof of how big this Rays visit must be for some Cuban baseball fans, this was the best example yet. The players were treated like rockstars in a mosh pit.

Joe admits parts of this trip evoke uneasy feelings. Dan Le Batard penned a quality column in the Miami Herald voicing his reservations about President Obama (and the Rays) helping to warm relations with an oppressive government that robbed its citizens and denied them civil rights. Those concerns are understood.

There are so, so many skeletons in Commy Cuba’s closet. Don’t kid yourself, an exhibition between Tampa Bay and the Cuban National Team won’t transport everyone to a fantasy land where everything will be peachy come tonight. Many steps remain on a path toward a different tomorrow.

Still, do yourself a favor and catch some of the action from Estadio Latinoamericano this afternoon at 1:50 p.m. So much about baseball can become a blur: the grind, the routine, the string of seemingly endless games. Much of it is forgettable.

This day will be worth remembering. Let the faces of Cuban baseball fans tell the story.

2 Responses to “Rockstar Rays; Political Questions”

  1. AJ Says:

    Obama in Cuba, warm relations with an oppressive government that robbed its citizens and denied them civil rights. He is talking about our own US government, right?

  2. Miguel Grande Says:

    I was impressed by the Ray’s long over due trip to Cuba. The players and hosts were more than wonderful.

    The ugly side of politics came out on local media condemning our President and the Cuban govt.

    It’s very hypocritical to lecture someone for stealing property and violating human rights when our govt has been kidnapping and torturing innocents for the last 15 years right there in Cuba on stolen land.

    How many “terrorists” have the USA convicted in Guantanimo? Answer, none.

    How many “terrorists” has the TSA caught while groping our children, wives and nut sacks at our airports? Answer, none.

    How many “terrorists” has the largest govt agency, “Homeland Security” caught? Answer, none.

    Who has the best (free) healthcare in the world? Answer. Cuba.

    Which country has never invaded another sovereign country? Answer, Cuba.

    Which country poisons it’s own atmosphere, tap water and food supply to slowly kill it’s own population? Answer, USA

    Which country poisons it’s own populace with forced vaccinations? Answer, USA

    How many children in Cuba have Autism? Answer, none.

    What is the percentage of vaccinated children with Autism in the USA? 1 in every 50.

    Viva baseballl!!!


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