“Data” Will Drive New Stadium Decision

February 28th, 2016

DataRaysJoe had to laugh at the latest stadium talk news served up by The Tampa Tribune.

Any new stadium decision is all about money, money and more money. But per the typing of Kristen Mitchell, “data” will rule the eventual decision.

Fan Fest had plenty to offer fans of all ages with autograph signings, face-painting and a chance to run the bases. At about noon a “State of the Rays” discussion took place featuring team President Brian Auld, Chief Business Officer Jeff Cogen and Senior Vice President Melanie Lenz. During a question-and-answer session, the three Rays executives addressed the stadium relocation and potential sites.

Auld said the team will use data to drive its decision to stay in Pinellas County or move to Hillsborough County. “You only get to do it one time,” he said, and wants to make sure the team makes the right choice.

Leave it to the Rays to invoke spreadsheets in a discussion about a future stadium.

Regardless, all that traffic, population and economic data are key factors. What’s rarely talked about, though, is the quality of the stadium and the entertainment value of the project. People will invest the time if the attraction is there.

A second-rate stadium won’t be popular anywhere.

2 Responses to ““Data” Will Drive New Stadium Decision”

  1. LargoBuc Says:

    We as fans are so fatigued. We are done with talk. Get it done. If here one more New England basrd media type suggest a move to Montreal is inevitable, omg.

  2. William Walls Says:

    I loved the stadium plan that was run up the flagpole several years ago for the Al Lang property. It was open-air, but protected (somewhat, at least) from the elements; the design was just beautiful. Joe’s right. They could build the thing at Madeira Beach, and if the stadium experience (and team play) is fun and exciting, people will come from all over because it will be worth the trip. But if they build another concrete pit and the team is lousy, people won’t cross the street for it.


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